Polygonal Karystos Slates or plates:
Polygonal Karystos Slates or plates:
They are polygonal Karystos slates and they are named this way because of the shape and the place of origin. They are pieces of slate of irregular shapes just as they are quarried from the depths of KARYSTOS land. They come in different thicknesses, sizes and colors. The thicknesses vary depending on the usability of: 1 cm, 1-2 cm, 2-4 cm, 3-5 cm, 5-6 cm and finally of 10-12 cm.

Selection of size:
1-2 pieces/ m2, 3-4 pieces/ m2, 5/8 pieces/ m2 and 8/14 pieces/ m2.

• green and various shades of green (from light green to dark green)
• gray and various shades of gray (from light gray to dark gray)
• brown with veining
• brown and green (in the same piece of slate coexists green and brown color in random combinations).

Color selection:
Gray, green, brown and green or other color combinations depending on the requirement of color design.